Metallurgical Research & Technology - Forthcoming

  • A Comprehensive Review on Cold Work of AISI D2 Tool Steel
    Mohd Aidil Shah bin Abdul Rahim, Mohamad bin Minhat, Nur Izan Syahriah Binti Hussein and Mohd Shukor bin Salleh
    Accepted: 16/06/2017
  • Crystalline-selected synthesis of ferrous oxalate dihydrate from spent pickle liquor
    Peng Dong, Huixin Liang, Jingliang Liu, Keyi Wei, Jinbao Zhao, Xue Li and Yingjie Zhang
    Accepted: 08/06/2017
  • Fatigue limit assessment for defective materials based on affected depth
    A. Nasr, W. Hassine and Ch. Bouraoui
    Accepted: 08/06/2017
  • Prospect of Stamp Charge Coke Making at Tata Steel: An Experience
    Hari Prakash Tiwari, Sujit Kumar Haldar, Prakhar Mishra, Arbind Kumar, Sujit Dutta and Abhishek Kumar
    Accepted: 08/06/2017
  • Coal blend properties and evaluation on the quality of stamp charging coke from weakly coking blends
    Xue-yan Liu, Xing Han, Huan Cheng, Xi-Tao Yin, Rui Guo, Xue-fei Zhao and Qi Wang
    Accepted: 02/06/2017
  • Effect of slag on strength of Direct Reduced Iron produced with dust briquettes
    Shiqin Li, Xiaojun Ning, Jianliang Zhang, Zhengjian Liu, Xiang Yuan, Fei Wang and Ziluo Chen
    Accepted: 02/06/2017
  • Effects of an inorganic binder on the strength property of cold-bonded pellets
    Rong-rong Wang, Jian-liang Zhang, Yi-ran Liu, Zheng-jian Liu, Xing-le Liu and Nai-yao Li
    Accepted: 31/05/2017
  • Material deformation in equal channel forward extrusion process
    S.A. Nazari Tiji, A. Asgari and F. Djavanroodi
    Accepted: 29/05/2017
  • Inoculant Enhancer to Increase the Potency of Ca-FeSi Alloy in Ductile Cast Iron
    Iulian Riposan, Valentin Uta and Stelian Stan
    Accepted: 29/05/2017
  • Stretching the Mechanical Properties in a 590 MPa Ferrite-Martensite Dual-Phase Steel through Rapid Heating
    Yonggang Deng, Hongshuang Di, Jiecen Zhang and R. D. K. Misra
    Accepted: 17/05/2017
  • Effect of compositions and additives content on crystallization behavior of Ti-rich phase from Ti-bearing blast furnace slag
    Shan Ren, Fuqiang Guo, Jian Zhou, Jie Yang, Lu Yao and Ming Kong
    Accepted: 17/05/2017
  • Effect of pore structure and matrix reactivity on coke reactivity and post-reaction strength
    Rui Guo, Chong Duan, Zhang Sun, Jie-ping Wang, Xiao-wei Sun and Ying-hua Liang
    Accepted: 12/05/2017
  • Dynamic tracking prediction control of exit strip thickness based on improved fractal
    Li-jie Sun, Cheng Shao and Li Zhang
    Accepted: 09/05/2017
  • Contribution rates of constituent phases to macro stress and strain of two-phase titanium alloy
    Guo-xing Chen, Yan Peng, Bao-dong Shi and Lu-han Hao
    Accepted: 03/05/2017
  • Conventional and microwave assisted sintering of Copper-Silicon Carbide metal matrix composites: A comparison
    C. Ayyappadas, A. Raja Annamalai, Dinesh K Agrawal and A. Muthuchamy
    Accepted: 13/04/2017
  • Reducing macro segregation of high carbon steel in continuous casting bloom by final electromagnetic stirring and mechanical soft reduction integrated process
    Hang-Hang An, Yan Ping Bao, Min Wang and Li Hua Zhao
    Accepted: 03/04/2017
  • Application of Chamfered Narrow Face Mold Technology to Reduce Longitudinal Surface Crack Defects of Hyperperitectic Steel Generated during Flexible Thin Slab Casting Process
    Nanfu Zong, Yang Liu and Hui Zhang
    Accepted: 03/04/2017
  • Effect of yttrium on the microstructures and inclusions of EH36 shipbuilding steel
    Yan-chong Yu, Hao Li and She-bin Wang
    Accepted: 27/03/2017
  • Effect of Steel Substrate Thickness on the Structure of Coating and Powdering Resistance of Galvannealed Coating :Significance of Texture
    Yonggang Deng, Hongshuang Di, Jiecen Zhang and R.D.K. Misra
    Accepted: 24/03/2017
  • Reducing Dephosphorization of Silicomanganese Ferroalloys by CaO-based Slag
    Peiwei Han, Guo-Hua Zhang and Shaojun Chu
    Accepted: 07/03/2017
  • Solidification Interface Transformation and Solute Redistribution of FeCrAl stainless steel
    Jianhua Liu, Xiaofeng Su, Hongbo Liu, Zhibiao Han, Yang He and Shengtao Qiu
    Accepted: 03/03/2017
  • High-temperature wear behavior of laser-clad composite coatings deposited on Ti6Al4V substrates
    R. Song, J. Li, J.Z. Shao, L.L. Bai and J.L. Chen
    Accepted: 02/03/2017
  • Solvent extraction: Fundamental equilibrium studies of neodymium and DEHPA
    Christiane Scharf and André Ditze
    Accepted: 01/03/2017
  • A comparative analysis of the dissolution kinetics of lead from low grade oxide ores in HCl, H2SO4, HNO3 and citric acid solutions
    Asghar Azizi and Seyed Mahyar Seyed Ghasemi
    Accepted: 01/02/2017
  • Methodology to assess fracture during crash simulation: Fracture strain criteria and their calibration
    Pascal Dietsch, Kévin Tihay, Antoine Bui-Van and Dominique Cornette
    Accepted: 09/11/2016