Aims and scope

Revue de M├ętallurgie (actually Metallurgical Research & Technology) created in 1904 by H. Le Chatelier, publishes high-quality peer-reviewed research papers in the field of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. It seeks to strengthen the dialogue between science and industry and emphasise the importance of technological innovation at a time when the metallurgy industry is challenged by issues surrounding energy, raw materials and the environment. The article types are the following: papers containing technical and economic information; papers on processes, new products and experimental techniques; review articles (state of the art on a specific topic) and original research articles dealing with technical, industrial or scientific aspects.

  1. Health and Safety in metal industry
  2. Raw materials (incl. treatment and beneficiation)
  3. Primary Processing, Extraction of metals
  4. Casting and Solidification
  5. Powder Metallurgy
  6. Hot Forming, Forging, Hot rolling
  7. Cold Rolling, Cold Forming (Stamping, deep drawing, drawing, ...)
  8. Coating, Surface treatment
  9. Applications of metals, Manufacturability (incl. Joining)
  10. Users' Properties
  11. Oxidation and corrosion
  12. Heat treatment
  13. Resources Management (Energy, Raw Materials, Water, ...)
  14. Environment, Sustainability (Life cycle analysis, ...)
  15. Physical metallurgy, Thermodynamics, ...
  16. Methodology, Characterization methods