Metallurgical Research & Technology - Forthcoming

  • On the effect of long service exposure: changes in microstructure and mechanical properties of Ni-based superalloy
    H. Keyvanlou, R. Soleimani Gilakjani and M. Nezakat
    Accepted: 22/10/2020
  • Production and Characterization of TiO2 Nanoparticle Thin Films for Its Application in DSSCs
    S. Chaiwichian and S. Lunput
    Accepted: 15/10/2020
  • Analysis of internal cracks in high carbon as-cast bloom induced by soft reduction process and its improvement using numerical simulations and industrial experiments
    Nanfu Zong, Jian Huang, Jun Liu, Sida Ma and Tao Jing
    Accepted: 15/10/2020
  • Effect of Heating Temperature on Oxidation Behavior of Low Density Steels with Medium Manganese Content
    LI Shujia,LYU Naibing,DENG Suhuai,LUO Zhijun,XU Shixin
    Accepted: 12/10/2020
  • Effect of Ce-La on inclusion evolution in Al-killed high strength steel
    R.M. Geng, Jing Li, Chengbin Shi, Jianguo Zhi and Bin Lu
    Accepted: 05/10/2020
  • Enhancement of the Productivity of Non-recovery Stamp Charge Coke Oven Plant at JSPL Raigarh
    R. Ranjan, H. P. Tiwari, P. K. Srivastava, M. S. Raghuwanshi, A. K Jaiswal and M. G Borkar
    Accepted: 05/10/2020
  • Estimating the Mechanical Properties of Friction Welded AISI 410 MSS Joints Using Empirical Relationship
    Bakkiyaraj M and G. Saikrishnan
    Accepted: 05/10/2020
  • A novel method for preparing Ti5Si3 from Ti-bearing blast furnace slag
    B. Peng, L. Wu, J.H. Zhu, Y. Hou and G.H. Zhang
    Accepted: 01/10/2020
  • Effect of plasma gas atmosphere on hydroxyapatite-coated titanium-based implants
    R. Kotian, M.K. Bangera, K. Boaz and P. Madhyastha
    Accepted: 30/09/2020
  • Resistance Spot Weldability of TBF Steel Sheets with Dissimilar Thickness
    Accepted: 30/09/2020
  • Investigation on the Control of Multiphase Flow Behavior in a Continuous Casting Tundish during Ladle Change
    R. Xu, H.T. Ling, H.J. Wang, L.Z. Chang and S.T. Qiu
    Accepted: 28/09/2020
  • Enhancement of microstructure uniformity and grain refining efficiency of Al-5Ti-1B alloy via powder extrusion
    S.C. Wang, H.L. Huang, Z.B. Zhang and K.H. Zheng
    Accepted: 18/09/2020
  • Modification of MnS inclusion by tellurium in 38MnVS6 micro-alloyed steel
    P. Shen, L. Zhou, Q. Yang, Z. Zeng, K. Ai and J. Fu
    Accepted: 10/09/2020