Metallurgical Research & Technology - Forthcoming

  • Hot forming with a nonuniform temperature field using die partition cooling
    Cai-yi Liu, Yan Peng*, Ling Kong, Ren Zhai and Lu-han Hao
    Accepted: 22/08/2019
  • Effect of Vibration on the Formation of Second Phase Particles in Cast-Rolling Strips
    Z. W. Zhu,M. L. Xing, M. H. Sun, J. P. Wei and Fengshan. Du
    Accepted: 22/08/2019
  • Effect of mechanical activation on the structure of pulverized coal and iron ore powder
    Rufei Wei, Dongwen Xiang, Hongming Long, Jiaxin Li and Qingmin Meng
    Accepted: 22/08/2019
  • Thermodynamics and Transient Behavior of the Inclusion in Si Deoxidized Stainless Steel for High Grade Plate
    T. Zhang, W. Wang, L. Xue, L. Zhou, D. Huang, W. Tian and J. Xu
    Accepted: 22/08/2019
  • Effect of heat input on microstructure and properties of dissimilar laser welded joints between TWIP and TRIP steels
    Qian Sun, Hongshuang Di, Xiao-Nan Wang, Xia-Ming Chen, Xiao-Kang Nie, Dong-Liang Chen and Jian-Ping Li
    Accepted: 22/08/2019
  • Viscosities in PbO – ZnO – “FexO” – SiO2 – CaO system for Lead and Zinc Smelting Slags
    K. OuYang, Z.H. Dou, T.A. Zhang, Y. Liu and L.P. Niu
    Accepted: 09/08/2019
  • An original unified approach for the description of phase tranformations in steel during cooling : first application to binary Fe-C
    O. Bouaziz
    Accepted: 09/08/2019
  • Liquid Structure Evolution of Molten Iron in Blast Furnace Hearth
    Y. Deng, K. X. Jiao and J. L. Zhang
    Accepted: 09/08/2019
  • Effects of alkali metal on solution loss and coke degradation
    D.S. Yu, R. Guo, Y.H. Liang, L.J. Liu and P. Chen
    Accepted: 09/08/2019
  • Zinc Diffusion Induced Precipitation of Sigma Phase in Austenitic Stainless Steel.
    N. Setargew and Daniel DJ Parker
    Accepted: 09/08/2019
  • Utilization of low-grade BHQ iron ore by reduction roasting followed by magnetic separation for the production of magnetite-based pellet feed
    Sachida Nanda Sahu, Karamjith Sharma, Santosh Deb Barma, Prachiprava Pradhan, Bijaya K Nayak and Surendra K Biswal
    Accepted: 09/08/2019
  • Influence of material parameters on martensitic transformation based on the phase-field finite-element method
    Chang. Li, Jingxiang. Gao, Dacheng. Zhang and Xing. Han
    Accepted: 09/08/2019
  • Dynamic recrystallization kinetics and microstructure evolution of 7055 aluminum alloy during hot compression
    T. Zhang
    Accepted: 02/08/2019
  • Effect of the simultaneous Ti and W addition on the microstructure and wear behavior of a high chromium white cast iron.
    F.V. Guerra, A. Bedolla-Jacuinde, J. Zuno-Silva, I. Mejia, E. Cardoso-Legorreta and A. Arenas-Flores
    Accepted: 07/06/2019
  • An experimental study of the inclusion behavior during maraging steel processing
    R. Bhar, J. Jourdan, V. Descotes and A. Jardy
    Accepted: 24/05/2019
  • Microstructure and texture evolution of medium temperature grain-oriented silicon steel produced by industrialized production
    Rong Zhu and Lifeng Fan
    Accepted: 24/05/2019
  • Genetic behavior of porosity in billet during H-beams rolling processes
    R. Cheng, J. M. Zhang, L. J. Zhang and H. T. Ma
    Accepted: 24/05/2019
  • The relationship between the deformation and the indentation size effect (ISE)
    J. Petrík, P. Blaško, M. Mihaliková, A. Vasilňáková and V. Mikloš
    Accepted: 28/03/2019
    H. Priyadarshi, B. Boissiere, P. Gardin, J. Lehmann and L. Silva
    Accepted: 12/03/2019
  • Preliminary investigations on hydrometallurgical treatment of spent Li-ion batteries
    E. Rudnik and J. Knapczyk-Korczak
    Accepted: 07/03/2019
  • Application of a chamfer slab technology to reduce internal cracks of continuous casting bloom during soft reduction process
    N. Zong
    Accepted: 11/10/2018
  • Influence of Thermal Conductivity of Ceramic Materials on Heating Rate / Coking Time and Coke Quality in Cokemaking
    Hari Prakash Tiwari, Aman Kumar, Vijay KumarTiwary, Pratik Swarup Dash and Atanu RanjanPal
    Accepted: 20/08/2018
  • Microstructural analysis of segregation patterns in twin-roll cast EN AW-5754 alloy strips
    Yucel Birol
    Accepted: 26/10/2017