Metallurgical Research & Technology - Forthcoming

  • Calphad-Based Thermodynamic Assessment of Sm-In Binary System Supported by Ab-initio Calculations
    fatim-ezzahra kerkoubi
    Accepted: 17/06/2024
  • Investigation of the effect of P2O5 and CaF2 on the crystallization behavior of La2O3-bearing calcium–silicate–aluminum slags using the single hot thermocouple technique
    Wenbin Xin, Fuheng Zhao, Yongchun Deng, Jing Zhang, Yinju Jiang, Zuojun Cao and Liyong Wang
    Accepted: 02/06/2024
  • Synergistic Optimization Control of Blast Furnace Coal Injection Based on Raceway State Feedback
    pengcheng xiong, Cui Guimei, Donghao Lv and Yong Zhang
    Accepted: 03/04/2024
  • Effect of thermal exposure on the microstructure and mechanical behaviour of high-chromium steel studied using sub-sized specimens
    Jaromir Dlouhý, Eva Chvostová and Sylwia Rzepa
    Accepted: 15/02/2024