Metallurgical Research & Technology - Forthcoming

  • A simplified mathematical model for total temperature rise calculation in non-oriented silicon steel cold rolling deformation zone
    G.M. Han, H.B. Li, Y.J. Liu, J. Zhang, N. Kong, Z.Y. Hu and L. Liu
    Accepted: 29/11/2021
  • Experimental and Simulation Study on Micro-scale Roll Profile Electromagnetic Control Technology Based on Segmented Cooling Principle
    T.S. Yang, Y. W. Wang, H. J. Wang, Y. Hai and F. S. Du.
    Accepted: 29/11/2021
  • Effect of niobium and austenitizing temperature on the microstructures and properties of spray-deposited AISI M3:2 high speed steel
    H. Wang, D. Hong, L. Hou, L. Shen, P. Ou, L. Qiu, Z. Wang and H. Zhao
    Accepted: 29/11/2021
  • Interfacial reactions between impurities and slag onset of Si purification by slag addition
    Yaqiong Li, Yunlong Yu, Lifeng Zhang and Zhengtao Li
    Accepted: 29/11/2021
  • Effect of Si-based reductive modifying auxiliary on the recovery of iron and the cementitious reactivity of modified EAF slag
    Xiaoming Li, Yuqing Wu, Yuwei Ma, Haofeng Xie and Xiangdong Xing
    Accepted: 29/11/2021
  • Erratum to: Application of Enhanced gravity technique for separation of iron phase from LD slag
    Dilip Makhija
    Accepted: 17/11/2021
  • Decarburisation of Fe-C alloy strips by gas–solid reaction in Ar-CO-CO2
    Meijie Zhou, Liqun Ai, Lukuo Hong, Caijiao Sun, Yuqing Zhou and Fanjun Meng
    Accepted: 16/11/2021
  • Recent Advances of Silicon Wafer Cutting Technology for Photovoltaic Industry
    Changyong Chen, Jianan Zhou, Zhouhua Jiang and Yang Li
    Accepted: 16/11/2021
  • Alkaline refining of crude lead: a method of arsenic removal and the behavior of arsenic in the process
    R. Zhu, H. Long, H. Li, H. Xie, S. Yin, Y. Wang, L. Zhang and S. Li
    Accepted: 12/11/2021
  • Experimental and numerical modelling of mass transfer in a refining ladle
    N. Joubert, P. Gardin, S. Popinet and S. Zaleski
    Accepted: 08/11/2021
  • Parametric effect on material removal rate and surface roughness of electrical discharge machined magnesium alloy
    N. Ananthi, U. Elaiyarasan, V. Satheeshkumar, C. Senthilkumar, S. Sathiyamurthy and K. Nallathambi
    Accepted: 03/11/2021
  • Process Optimization Using Grey Relational Analysis in Dry Sliding Wear Behavior on SiC/B4C/Talc Reinforced Al 6061 Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite
    C. Rameshkumar, S. Baskar, G. Ramesh, P. Gurusamy and Maridurai T
    Accepted: 03/11/2021
    A.K. Ghanem and M.A. Terres
    Accepted: 20/11/2020