Metallurgical Research & Technology - Forthcoming

  • Overview of the Role of Fluorine in the Mold Fluxes
    Qiang Gao and Liu Feng
    Accepted: 21/02/2024
  • Dynamic Analysis of Liquid Permeability in the Dripping Zone of Blast Furnace and Reaction Behavior at the Slag-Coke Interface
    Yong Deng, Ran Liu, Tao Li, Yanjia Gao, Kuo Yao and Laixin Wang
    Accepted: 21/02/2024
  • Effect of thermal exposure on the microstructure and mechanical behaviour of high-chromium steel studied using sub-sized specimens
    Jaromir Dlouhý, Eva Chvostová and Sylwia Rzepa
    Accepted: 15/02/2024
  • Prediction of component activities in the ternary molten slags containing titanium oxide by pseudo-multicomponent approach of MIVM
    Jinliang Zhang
    Accepted: 15/02/2024
  • Predicting Blast Furnace Permeability Index: A Deep Learning Approach with Limited Time-series Data
    Liming Chu and Cui Guimei
    Accepted: 12/02/2024
  • Microstructure, texture and magnetic properties of the semi-processed strip-cast non-oriented electrical steel
    Cheng Zhou, You Zhou, Dongpo Xuan, Tianliang Jiang and Wenhao Fan
    Accepted: 07/02/2024
  • Innovative B-PA binder for enhanced cold pelletization: a sustainable strategy for utilizing iron-containing dust and sludge
    Guangshi Li, Wenyu Xie, Qingyun Zhuang, Zhongya Pang, Chenteng Sun, Shuhua Geng, Xingli Zou and Xionggang Lu
    Accepted: 31/01/2024
  • Study on mechanism and kinetics of iron removal by chlorination roasting of coal gangue
    Yuhan Zhang, xuesong zhao, baoyue shang , xuesong wang, shuang chi, tingting li and Xiulin Wu
    Accepted: 31/01/2024
  • Improved Algorithm of Extreme Gradient Boosting for Predicting Silicon Content in Large Proportion Pellet Smelting Process
    T. Tielei, Jiayi Yang, Liu YanJun, Yu-zhu Zhang, Xinyu Jin and Kou XinLin
    Accepted: 31/01/2024
  • Comparative study on grinding kinetics behavior of vanadium-titanium magnetite ore before and after microwave pretreatment
    Junpeng Wang and Tao Jiang
    Accepted: 31/01/2024
  • Decomposition behavior and evolution mechanism of MC primary carbonitride at 1473K and 1523K in die steel
    Xiaolin Sun, Shengyong Gao, Wulin Shang, Qingyuan Zhong, Gaoyang Song and Dong Xu
    Accepted: 31/01/2024
  • The influence of holding time on the microstructure and properties of TLP joints of Q355 steel
    Bensheng Huang, Chengyang Pu, Chunyan Ju, Leizhen PENG, Guoqu Shen and Yanqiu Wu
    Accepted: 24/01/2024
  • Effect of Al-Ti complex deoxidation mode on steel cleanliness during RH refining of IF steels
    Huixiang Yu, Xiaoxuan Deng, Wencong Huo and Hui Xie
    Accepted: 23/01/2024
  • The Effects of Nd, La, and Ca Addition on the Corrosion Properties of As-Cast and As-Rolled ZM21 Mg Alloys
    Halil Ahmet Gören and Mehmet Ünal
    Accepted: 11/01/2024
  • Numerical simulation of basic oxygen furnace rotating tapping
    Zhao Liu, Shusen Cheng, 朋波 刘 and Yonglin Sun
    Accepted: 15/12/2023
  • Analysis of Microstructure, Surface Morphology, and Scratch Resistance of High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Coated Nickel based hybrid Nano-Composites
    G. J NAVEEN, P. SampathKumaran and A. Sathyanarayanaswamy
    Accepted: 20/11/2023