Metallurgical Research & Technology - Forthcoming

  • Investigation on the Control of Multiphase Flow Behavior in a Continuous Casting Tundish during Ladle Change
    R. Xu, H.T. Ling, H.J. Wang, L.Z. Chang and S.T. Qiu
    Accepted: 28/09/2020
  • Enhancement of microstructure uniformity and grain refining efficiency of Al-5Ti-1B alloy via powder extrusion
    S.C. Wang, H.L. Huang, Z.B. Zhang and K.H. Zheng
    Accepted: 18/09/2020
  • Technological advancements in evaluating the performance of the pulverized coal injection through tuyeres in blast furnace
    A. Agrawal, R.K. Tiwari, S. Kumar, R. Chatterjee, B.K. Singh, R.S. Singh, V.R. Tripathi, S. Kundu, Padmapal, R.V. Ramna and M.K. Singh
    Accepted: 11/09/2020
  • Modification of MnS inclusion by tellurium in 38MnVS6 micro-alloyed steel
    P. Shen, L. Zhou, Q. Yang, Z. Zeng, K. Ai and J. Fu
    Accepted: 10/09/2020
  • Microstructural characterization and mechanical behavior of Cr25Ni35NbM alloy dissimilar weld joint in a hydrogen reformer furnace
    Jingfeng Guo, Wenwen Liu, Chunxiu Li and Xiaoming Zhang
    Accepted: 10/09/2020
  • Examination of Microstructure Evolution and Strengthening Mechanisms in an Aluminum-Based Hybrid Composite Prepared through the Spark Plasma Sintering Method
    M.R. Rezaei, A. Albooyeh, H. Shiraghaei and M. Shayestefar
    Accepted: 09/09/2020
  • EIS Study of the Corrosion Behavior of an Organic Coating Applied on Algerian Oil Tanker
    N. Hammouda and K. Belmokre
    Accepted: 08/09/2020
  • Effect of the Weir Structure in the Tundish on the Cleanliness of IF Steels and Elimination of Spot-like Defects in Deep Drawing Automobile Steel Sheets
    Xiaoxuan Deng, Guoliang Liu, Qiangqiang Wang, Baisong Liu, Chenxi Ji, Haibo Li, Xiaojing Shao and Guosen Zhu
    Accepted: 31/08/2020