Metallurgical Research & Technology - Forthcoming

  • Investigation of microstructure and corrosion resistance of AISI 304 stainless steel joint with ER308 and ERNiCr-3 filler metals by GTAW
    Mostafa Jafarzadegan, Fateh Ahmadian, Vahid Salarvand and Souren Kashkooli
    Accepted: 04/08/2020
  • Manufacturing Technology and Application of Cooling Stave in Blast Furnace
    Yong Deng, Qing Lv, Jianliang Zhang and Kexin Jiao
    Accepted: 04/08/2020
  • Evolution of Microstructure, Texture and Inhibitor of Industrialized Grain-oriented silicon steel
    F. Lifeng, Z. Xingyuan, H. Jiao and Y. Erbin
    Accepted: 04/08/2020
  • Optimization of experimental conditions on preparation of oxidized pellets with New Zealand sea sand ore
    Zhenxing Xing, Gongjin Cheng, Zixian Gao, He Yang and Xiangxin Xue
    Accepted: 22/07/2020
  • Numerical Analysis of Local Heat flux and Thin-Slab Solidification in a CSP Funnel-Type Mold with Electromagnetic Braking
    H.P. Liu, J. J Zhang, H. B. Tao and H. Zhang
    Accepted: 22/07/2020
  • Effects of tool pin profile on tensile and wear behavior of friction stir welded AA6101-T6 and AA1350 alloys
    R. Ashok kumar, R. Muneeswaran, M. Saravana Mohan, Sathish Rengarajan, G.R. Raghav and K.J. Nagarajan
    Accepted: 22/07/2020
  • Influence of the Prime Hard Coking Coal in Stamp Charge Cokemaking: True or False
    H.P. Tiwari, V. M Shisani, B. Sahu, R. K Sabat and D. Mittal
    Accepted: 22/07/2020
  • Effect of CeO2 addition in the slag on inclusions of FGH96 superalloy during electroslag remelting
    X.Y. Gao, L. Zhang, X.H. Qu, Y.F. Luan and X.W. Chen
    Accepted: 23/06/2020
  • Abnormal toughness characteristics and fracture model in simulated welding HAZ of 5%Ni Steel
    Min Ding
    Accepted: 11/06/2020
  • A critical role of aluminium on austenite formation in high aluminium added steels
    P. Chen, J. Fu, J. K. Yang and X. W. Li
    Accepted: 28/02/2020