Metallurgical Research & Technology - Forthcoming

  • Exhibition of veiled features in diffusion bonding of titanium alloy and stainless steel via copper
    Gopinath Thirunavukarasu, Sukumar Kundu, Tapas Laha, Deb Roy and Subrata Chatterjee
    Accepted: 20/09/2017
  • Physical and mathematical modeling of bubbles plume behaviour in one strand tundish
    Adam Cwudziński
    Accepted: 20/09/2017
  • Effects of cooling methods on the occurrence of sulfur in the low-titanium slag
    Baohua Wang, Mingbo Zhang, Yongyu Gong, Shiping Huang, Shengtao Qiu and Rong Zhu
    Accepted: 19/09/2017
  • Effect of Characteristics of Fine Iron Ores on the Granulation Behavior of Concentrate in Sintering Granulation Process
    S. Wu, Z. Que, X. Zhai and K. Li
    Accepted: 19/09/2017
  • Mathematical model of whole-process calculation for bottom-blowing copper smelting
    M. Li, J. Zhou, C. Tong, W. Zhang and H. Li
    Accepted: 19/09/2017
  • Comparative studies on acid leaching of zinc waste materials
    Ewa Rudnik, Grzegorz Włoch and Leszek Szatan
    Accepted: 15/09/2017
  • Effects of electromagnetic stirring on fluid flow and temperature distribution in billet continuous casting mould and solidification structure of 55SiCr
    H.H. An, Y.P. Bao, M. Wang and L.H. Zhao
    Accepted: 15/09/2017
  • Measurements of Surface Velocity and Level Fluctuation in an Actual Continuous Wide Slab Casting Mold
    L. Ren, L. F. Zhang, Q. Q. Wang and J. W. Zhang
    Accepted: 12/09/2017
  • The ESR numerical simulation of Cr5 cold roll steel under different process parameters
    Ru-ming Geng, Jing Li, Cheng-bin Shi, Qin-tian Zhu and Jie Zhang
    Accepted: 12/09/2017
  • Study on the controlling steps and reduction kinetics of iron oxide briquettes with CO-H2 mixtures
    Donghui Liu, Xiaozhe Wang, Jianliang Zhang, Zhengjian Liu, Kexin Jiao, Xingle Liu and Rongrong Wang
    Accepted: 08/09/2017
  • Analysis on the stability of chromium in mineral phases in stainless steel slag
    Long-hu Cao, Cheng-jun Liu, Qing Zhao and Mao-fa Jiang
    Accepted: 05/09/2017
  • Thermodynamic analysis of Mo(VI)-Fe(III)-S(VI)-H2O system for separation of molybdenum and iron
    Chao Xiao, Li Zeng, Liansheng Xiao and Guiqing Zhang
    Accepted: 05/09/2017
  • Effect of Dew Point during Heating on Selective Oxidation of TRIP Steels
    Libin Liu, Guangrui Jiang, Haiquan Wang and Huaxiang Teng
    Accepted: 05/09/2017
  • New advances in the laboratory characterization of refractories:testing and modelling
    Jacques Poirier, Eric Blond, Emmanuel de Bilbao, Rudy Michel, Antoine Coulon, Jean Gillibert, Michel Boussuge, Yang Zhang, David Ryckelynk, Gilles Dusserre, Thierry Cutard and Paul Leplay
    Accepted: 01/09/2017
  • Synthesis and microstructure characterization of nanocrystalline NiAl intermetallic compound with molybdenum additions obtained by mechanical alloying
    Ali Khajesarvi and Gholam Hossein Akbari
    Accepted: 31/07/2017
  • Corrosion mechanism of potassium on carbon brick in the blast furnace hearth by potassium
    Ke-Xin Jiao, Jian-Liang Zhang, Zhengjian Liu, Zhuang-Zhuang Liu and Yong Deng
    Accepted: 20/07/2017
  • Deformation behavior of MnO13%-Al2O318%-SiO269% inclusion in different steels during hot rolling processes
    Rong Cheng, Jiongming Zhang and Bo Wang
    Accepted: 18/07/2017
  • The genesis of the Schaeffler diagram in the history of stainless steels
    Pierre Guiraldenq and Olivier Hardouin Duparc
    Accepted: 18/07/2017
  • A Comprehensive Review on Cold Work of AISI D2 Tool Steel
    Mohd Aidil Shah bin Abdul Rahim, Mohamad bin Minhat, Nur Izan Syahriah Binti Hussein and Mohd Shukor bin Salleh
    Accepted: 16/06/2017
  • Coal blend properties and evaluation on the quality of stamp charging coke from weakly coking blends
    Xue-yan Liu, Xing Han, Huan Cheng, Xi-Tao Yin, Rui Guo, Xue-fei Zhao and Qi Wang
    Accepted: 02/06/2017